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A memoir that recalls America’s most  unpopular war in the 20th century. During my Air Force husband’s  long absence in Vietnam, our five children and I lived among other waiting families in Schilling Manor, a community located in Salina, Kansas. There has never been another like it.

Mama Hazel has warned her adventurous one-year-old that it’s very dangerous to run around in broad daylight. After all, a pygmy hippo in the wild is supposed to be a nocturnal creature. However, Little Hal loves his West African habitat so much that he can’t resist exploring it in the daytime. Many people have never heard of a pygmy hippopotamus. Fewer than three thousand exist today. Most of them live in Liberia and West Africa’s Ivory Coast. Conservationists are concerned about their future survival in the wild, where illegal logging is their biggest  threat. Cutting down their habitat’s rare trees means less food.

How is it possible that the largest animal on earth is only a step away from becoming an endangered species? African savanna elephants are being targeted by illegal ivory-seeking poachers, who often use cyanide to kill these majestic animals. However, there is a way to help these highly intelligent and emotional creatures, which are so important to their ecosystem. Find out how in this story for ages 7-12, as well as adults who are concerned about wildlife conservation.