Little Hal: A Pygmy Hippo in Danger

Factual material is intermingled with fictional characters in this story for ages 7-12. However, anyone who is concerned about wildlife conservation will appreciate the plight of the pygmy hippopotamus.

Mama Hazel has tried to make Little Hal understand that he’s a nocturnal creature. So many times, she has warned him that it’s dangerous to run around in broad daylight. Yet Little Hal loves his West African habitat so much that he can’t resist exploring it in the daytime. As a result, he barely avoids trouble. One day, he narrowly escapes from a hunter. Another time, Hal almost crashes into a fierce-looking warthog named Wesley. Then there’s Corky, a dwarf crocodile that swallows his prey whole. Hal isn’t worried, though. He’s too big for Corky to swallow.


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