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  1. Ms. Joan.
    My brother sent me the information on your book. I will be ordering it. It let us read a few pages of your book and I just want to thank you for including our family on the pages I saw. I never knew the day my father left nor that I was 2. (I thought I was a few yrs older.) But thank you for writing this. I can’t wait to receive the book so I may finish reading it. Tell your daughter thank you for encouraging you to write it. I miss my father terribly and you bring back some memories. Thank you.
    KJ. Barrick

    1. Dear KJ, Thank you so much for your note. Whenever I sat down at my computer to work on this book, I no longer lived in the present but was back in Schilling Manor. I only wish your mom were alive to read this story. I couldn’t have asked for a more congenial neighbor or truer friend. We got along so well, always helping each other as best we could. You were probably too young to remember a lot of things. For example: your long, beautiful hair — until Kit got hold of some scissors. But wait (as they say on TV)! I mustn’t give away too much of the story. There’s a lot more about the Aarhus family.

      God bless you, and thank you again for writing.

      Joan Diehl

  2. This is such a wonderful story! Joan Diehl writes with such compelling, heart felt honesty for dealing with each day while her husband, Glen, is away at war and she is home alone with five young children.  She shares with you all her struggles & triumphs, her joys & disappointments.  Your heart is touched by the grave reality of children so young who miss their Dad and at the same time understand that their Dad may not come home. You also wait anxiously with Joan for every piece of news she receives from her husband.  From start to finish, you will be captivated by the love and faith that carries this family through a very long and difficult war. Joann

  3. This is a very heartwarming story. It is much more than a chronicle of the events that challenged the spouse and children of a military serviceman while he was serving his country in Vietnam. It tells the story of the deep love and devotion that Joan Diehl has for her husband, her children, her religion, and her country. She is a true patriot and deserves the highest of praise for her commendable actions during this period of her life. If a medal exists for spouses of servicemen and women that perform as well as Joan, and it should, then she should be awarded same. As a veteran of the Korean conflict, I am extremely proud of Joan and Glen Diehl. It is people like these that make America great.

    Charles R. Chapman

  4. Ms. Diehl,
    I was doing some searches on Schilling Manor where my family stayed with our mother when my father went to Viet Nam, and ran into your book (the first 25 of pages of it at least). I recognized your last name vaguely but when you referred to one of your sons as “Feller” I knew we had been neighbors. I think we lived on the other side of the Aurhus’s on the same side of the street at 305 Concord Ave. I believe our yard backed to Ann Palasterer’s yard. My mother Mary Reeves settled there in July 68 and stayed until Aug 69 when Dad (Donald) safely returned.

    Mom dealt with six kids that year; Ann, David, Mary Kay, Tim (me), Nancy, and Joe. I think Nancy, Joe, and I were around the ages of your children. I was in the 4th grade in fall of 68 so not sure if I went to school with Bruce or not. Nancy would have been in the 1st grade and Joe in Kindergarten all at the Sunflower School. Both of our parents have passed on but I did send the PDF of the first 25 pages of your book to my 5 brothers and sisters so I am sure you will get some sales out the Reeves’ family soon. All the best to you and your family and first 25 pages sound great and I look forward to buying the entire book to read.
    Tim Reeves

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